Monday, April 27, 2009

Don't use your cellphone in Ontario this Fall

Mobile tech retailers in Ontario are expecting a big boost in sales for hands-free products as the province's cellphone ban comes into effect.

On Tuesday, Queen's Park passed Bill 118, banning people from using hand-held devices while driving -- but the law won't be enforced until at least this fall.

The latest "must have" is the popular Jawbone bluetooth headset which is getting an update. The new Jawbone PRIME model, which is designed to offer better performance and a more cutomizable fit, will be available later this week.

The Jawbone PRIME features updated better noise elimination than past versions, thanks to its updated NoiseAssassin technology, the company says. I tested the last version of Aliph's NoiseAssassin when reviewing the current Jawbone headset, and found that it worked very well. Aliph says the new Jawbone also includes a digital wind reduction feature, making it easier to use outside.

In addition, the PRIME will feature more customization options for finding a comfortable fit. You'll get an earhook, three round earbuds in varying sizes, and three "new fit" earbuds, which are designed for a better fit if you opt not to use the earhook.

The PRIME is available in a variety of colors, including standards like black, plus bright hues like purple and green. It will be available on May 2 for $130.